Road Marking Coatings

Road Marking Coatings

Road Marking’s always serves as a visual barrier and signify the delineation of traffic path and the lateral clearance from traffic hazard for the safe, smooth and orderly movement of traffic. Apart from traffic guidance, they also serve as a tool for controlling, warning and providing information to road users.

“Road markings are the silent custodian of road safety”

Asian Paints PPG is a leading player in road marking products and has a wide range of road marking products with high durability, abrasion & performance.

Asian Paints PPG offers a variety of road markings which includes:

  • Hot Melt Thermoplastic Marking
  • Cold Applied Water Borne Acrylic Marking
  • Retro-Reflective Paints
  • Conventional Water / Solvent based acrylic marking
  • Coloured Surfacing Material

Highly Featured Products

  • Hot Melt Thermoplastic

    Confirms to clause 803.4, of “Specification for Road and Bridge Works” issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH).

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    Confirms to the British Standards BS-3262 specification

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  • Cold Applied Water Borne Acrylic Marking
    Apcotrak SBR

    Solvent Based Retro – Reflective Paints

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    Apcotrak WBR

    Water Based Retro – Reflective Acrylic Paints

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  • Conventional Water / Solvent Based Acrylic Paints
    Apcotrak IS

    Water based road marking conforming to IS -164

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    Apcotrak SB

    Solvent based acrylic road marking paint

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    Acrylic water based road marking paint

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  • Coloured Surfacing Material
    Apcotrak CS

    Acrylic water based coloured surfacing material

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Major Sectors

Highways & City Roads

The roads and highways are today subject to more wear than ever. Our retro reflective thermoplastic road marking coatings provide superior weathering resistance and colour stability for highways, city roads & kerb markings.

Airport Runways

For designated areas from airplanes to pedestrian walkways and runway markings, all airport markings contribute to the safety and the efficiency of traffic flow. Our road marking coating solutions provides excellent wear and weather resistance.

Cycle Track

Coloured surfacing material specially designed for cycle track, offer excellent exterior durability, wear and skid resistance.

Parking Lots

We offer road marking coatings for car park & ride facilities, directional arrows, pedestrian crossing and other traffic guidance with excellent wear and skid resistance.